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  1. In Path of Radiance, Deadeye is the Occult skill of the Sniper class, whereupon it doubles its user's hit rate and putting the enemy unit to sleep when activated in battle. In Radiant Dawn, this skill triples the amount of damage the user is able to inflict, alongside sending an First Seen: Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.
  2. Deadeye yd range 4 sec cast Aims at a player, firing a precise round after 4 sec and striking the first player in the line.
  3. Deadeye definition is - a rounded wood block encircled by a rope or an iron band and having holes to receive the lanyard that is used especially to set up shrouds and stays.
  4. History of character has not yet been written. Related 1 Appearances of Deadeye (Antimatter Universe), 1 Images featuring Deadeye (Antimatter Universe), Quotations by or about Deadeye (Antimatter Universe), Character Gallery: Deadeye (Antimatter Universe)Affiliation: Conglomerate, Crime Syndicate.
  5. noun, plural dead·eyes. Nautical. either of a pair of disks of hardwood having holes through which a lanyard is rove: used to tighten shrouds and stays.
  6. Deadeye Outfitters is a lifestyle clothing line that can be worn on any occasion, while still show your love and passion for the outdoors. We use cookies to ensure that we .
  7. Synonyms for deadeye in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for deadeye. 8 words related to deadeye: crack shot, marksman, sharpshooter, sailing, seafaring, navigation, disk, disc. What are synonyms for deadeye?

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